Shenzhen Jiahongcai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the special economic zone of Shenzhen. It is a domestic high-tech enterprise engaged in advanced digital flat-panel printing and multi-media printing technology integrated solutions. So far, the total area of office area plus production workshop is nearly It has 20,000 square meters and has completely independent intellectual property rights, integrating R&D, production and sales and services.

Shenzhen Jiahongcai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has the integrated R&D capabilities of flat panel technology, has a domestic professional R&D team, has always been the pioneer of digital flat panel printing technology innovation, and represents the level of integrated solutions for large flat panel technology.

With high quality, high stability, high cost performance, high speed, high precision, and efficient after-sales service, Jiahongcai regards the "six highs" as the foundation of enterprise survival and development, and advocates the corporate culture of "happy dignity" shared by employees and customers .

Jiahongcai machinery and equipment have been distributed in nearly 60 countries in most countries, and has always been committed to providing users in most countries with a variety of industrial-grade and personalized ground parking printers, wall painters, uv flatbed printers and other multi-media color printing solutions , High-quality technology and after-sales service, dedicated to creating great value for customers.

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